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How do I apply?

Please apply by following this link on our website. We will contact you via email or phone within 10 working days if your application is successful and we wish to meet with your child and you.

How do we select our Junior models?

It’s not just about great looks but also great character, behaviour, confidence and charisma. We insist on meeting our models in person to assess both their looks but also their personality to ensure that they will be comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people. Our models must be happy and confident to perform in a variety of settings. We like to recruit multi-talented individuals who not only look great but may have acting, dance and performance skills. We understand that it takes a lot of time, effort and cost to arrange an advertising campaign/photoshoot/live event and we want to ensure that we only send the right models for the job in order to achieve success for our client’s projects.

Do Scout take on every model that they meet?

No we do not. We have very strict criteria on both looks and character, we will only take on individuals that we feel we can find work for. We would rather be completely honest than waste your time and give you false hope. We would not want to put any child in an unfamiliar situation that they feel uncomfortable with.

Do Scout charge fees?

We do not charge upfront fees to represent our models. We only select models that we think have a good chance of getting work. We take a 20% commission from any work that our models do. We feel that this is a fair approach.

Do I need an expensive portfolio?

No, you do not need a professional portfolio to apply to any agency, clear snapshots are sufficient. Sadly we have met with countless models who have paid large sums of money for a portfolio that is not at all necessary. Your child will require a picture that is recent and clear (not necessarily) by a professional photographer however most children that are starting out do have photos from a professional photographer as it is important for the parent and the agency to know how your child will perform in front of a camera with a total stranger as this is what happens in the real world of modelling.

Can you guarantee to get my child work?

There is absolutely no guarantee that we can secure you work. No agency could possibly guarantee work, as they have no idea whatsoever what work will come into their offices from one day to the next, so will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment. You will be put forward for work that you match the brief for. Ultimately it is the client that decides who they want for the role.

Can I join other agencies?

Yes you can. We are not sole rep.

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

We will put your child forward for all assignments your child meets the criteria for. We will not contact you each and every time your child is submitted for work. When a client contacts us to ask to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability or maybe to confirm a specific detail. It is crucial that parents continuously keep the agency informed of any changes whatsoever and that your personally managed portfolio is kept fully up to date.

What type of work could you get for my child?

Our clients include Clothing companies, Production companies, Marketing agencies. Work your child may be required for includes Photographic, Fittings, Commercials, live Dance or Catwalk shows etc

How much will my child get paid?

This varies with each assignment, we will always negotiate the best fees for you child. Payment amounts will be discussed with you before you accept the job, we are transparent in working out fees. You will be informed exactly how much you will be paid and the agency receives 20%

When will the work take place?

Castings are usually after school (usually between 5 – 6pm). However, nearly all work is done during school hours, so if you are not happy for your child to take time off school you should not apply. We consider ages from birth to 16 years old. Permission must always be sought from the Head Teacher of school age children.
Please bear in mind that nearly all castings and jobs take place at short notice, so please consider this before applying.
You should also be aware that an adult must be available to take your child to castings and jobs.

Children’s Licensing

All children must hold a current Children’s Performance Licence in order to legally and safely work. We will assist with the application process to your local authority. You must provide the following:
• Copy of your child’s Birth certificate
• Declaration of Health letter (either from GP or Parent depending on local protocol)
• Written permission from the head teacher for time out of school (for school age children)
• 2 passport sized identical photographs
• An application form must be completed by the parent and our agency.
Children’s Performance Licences can take up to 10 working days to be processed therefore it is imperative that you have all documents to hand and ready to send to us to ensure a speedy process. Templates are available on our website.